Welcome to the Team

Thank you for joining the team. we look forward to working with you to sell tours to Egypt. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to get wholesale pricing for Egypt tours. Additionally, you will have access to tools to sell trips all over the world.

In this post I include many links you can use to increase your earning potential in this industry. By using these links you will have access to free marketing materials for Egypt Tours, free booking assistance, free website development assistance and more. Joining our affiliate links gives us both the opportunity to earn more for our efforts simultaneously.

Let’s get started.

  1. To book a tour, share our website with your clients. Tell them to review the tours and if one meets their needs, have them complete the quote request form for the tour. (You can do this for them if you like)
  2. Make sure you tell them to add the DISCOUNT CODE you provide them on the form before submitting. This DISCOUNT CODE will let us know you provided the referral.
  3. Once the quote request is received, we will send a quote to YOU within 24 hours that includes wholesale pricing.
  4. You will follow up with your client and provide them a quote for the tour that includes your mark up.
  5. Your client will pay you based on the price you quoted them. (if you need help creating an invoice for your client we can help)
  6. We will send you an invoice for the wholesale price to book the tour. You must pay the invoice to actually book the tour.
  7. Once booked – you need to send us pictures of the passports for each guest using this link: https://easyegypttours.com/upload-passport/. We need the passports to order the Egypt Visa and book hotel rooms.
  8. Once PAID IN FULL – The client needs to complete the insurance activation form – https://easyegypttours.com/insurance-activation-form/. All tours come with standard insurance. The client will have 5 days after receiving their policy to upgrade the insurance to cancel for any reason. If they request the upgrade, we will provide you the quote to present to them. The upgrade is commissionable.
  9. If your guests want to book their own international flights have them use this link to earn commission – https://aviasales.tp.st/OK6RxyBv
  10. If you want to book the flights for them and earn 10-15% commission or more – https://easyegypttours.com/flight-quote/. We will send you a wholesale flight quote and you can add your own mark up, then present to your client.

EGYPT TOURS – We will host an informational video call session 60 days prior to the tour with you and your clients. All tours must be paid in full 60 days in advance of the tour date to be valid.

Links to TOOLS You can use to Earn more:

Book flights, hotels, rental cars & transfers for your clients – https://www.ratehawk.com/lp/en/?referral_code=UVCXSY

Travel Resources – https://www.travelpayouts.com/?marker=405079.EET

I have sent you a link to Viator which pays you 8% commission on excursions world wide.

Sell Travel Insurance and get based on price of policy – https://partner.travelinsurance.com/affiliates/signup.php?a_aid=613672821d2c3

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