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Cairo, Aswan, Luxor + Red Sea Option


Experience Egyptian History, Cruise the Nile and Take in the Beauty of the Red Sea!

Our Cruise the Nile Tour is the perfect way to experience all of the most signficant destinations in one trip. You will embark on a journey of a lifetime to explore where it all began. This tour is designed to let you experience the many facets of Egyptian culture by getting an up close and personal look at historical landmarks from the old and the new kingdoms. In Cairo, you can visit the most popular of the 7 wonders of the world, sail on the mighty Nile River, visit one of secret places Jesus lived, and experience historic markets as well as the most delicious Egyptian cuisine. From Cairo you will take a trip to Aswan, home of the Nubian people, where you will marvel at all of it's splendor. After touring Aswan, you will embark on a very luxurious Nile Cruise to sail from Aswan to Luxor. Along the way you will visit Kom Ombo and Edfu temples. Once in Luxor, you can explore both the East and the West banks of the Nile. Luxor, formerly ancient Thebes, is the place you will really see ancient culture, and get a true understanding of how people lived in ancient times. We will take you of the beaten path to really get a look at a history that is rarely shared outside of Egypt. If you select the ADD THE RED SEA tour option, you will end your trip at an exclusive all adult resort on the beautiful Red Sea. You will spend a few days relaxing and enjoying a pampered lifestyle with breathtaking views, delicious gourmet foods and exciting entertainment. You will be very happy you came.

Easy Egypt CRUISE THE NILE TOUR - Booking Request

Easy Egypt CRUISE THE NILE TOUR - Booking Request

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“We had such a great time. Everything went over smoothly and our guides were very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone. They really exceeded my expectations. I know I'll be back for sure!”
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